Why I Stopped Making Music!

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” I’m guilty of sampling, I do it simply because I grew up listening to Hip-Hop

and classic Electronic music


So, here’s why I stopped making music; Industry, Listeners, Streaming Services they’d all be really good reasons; to some extent, do play a small part; however the main reason for me is simply this, I lost all desire to.

13 Years in the making

You see I’ve been playing with sounds since around 2004; it’s now 2016; With no real success(in my opinion); you become tired, or well I did, I’m fully aware that “making it” in the business is simply luck. For years I wanted to be signed by a Major label; I always believed that it was needed, prior to Internet success stories and running your own label, it was the only way. However here’s my biggest pet peeve within the music scene, in terms of what’s “POPular” and pretty much the biggest killer of me making/playing with sounds.

For the Love of Sampling!

Sampling! it used to be an art form; done correctly it still is, but the modern day artist is pushing out records that lack originality; take a popular 90’s record, chop it up, add some filters; eq; add the latest sound via the popular plugin (Nexus, Massive, etc); Have Ghostwriter, well, write, lay down vocals, Send it off for mastering, Boom! After that, it’s down to labels to get clearance, set a royalty package for sampled artist/producers, etc, sit back, make money back. I’m guilty of sampling, it’s no secret, I do it simply because I grew up listening to Hip-Hop and classic Electronic music. I love the recycling element to sampling, but in a creative NEW way; Enough to make the listener really think about a sound they’ve heard.



As I aforementioned the modern way to quick success just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s easier now than ever before to create Music as it is with Blogging, Vlogging; These scenes have become vastly overpopulated, viewers, listeners, readers become inundated with too many options. Naturally, they’ll all be drawn to what’s become popular based on a sound, image or the content creator. Content it seems doesn’t come first or matter so much as long as the person can make a quick buck.

Quality Over Quantity

The world seems to be focused heavily on getting rich quick, partnered with an ever-growing need to be “socially” popular. The new/existing creatives should take a few steps back, focus on making great content and worry about the finances as an afterthought. When making music I never think/thought about the Return on Investment, I purely made music because I enjoyed arranging sounds, listening back to the end product then sharing it with friends etc and seeing how they reacted to it. My happiest musical moment is my Magix Moment remix, that recreation sparked a music video, it also made friends genuinely happy, in fact so happy they danced!

Return of the Mosa1c?

Will I return to making music, as a hobby or professionally, I really can’t say yes or no, I’ve invested in my own studio equipment, I run/have my own label Joyful Records. I too have heavily invested many years in making, remixing and DJing. Of all that know me in person will know me simply for one of those three things. To this day they’re all something that in some respects make me happy, in fact, if you ask my Girlfriend, Lauren, when the music’s on in the car or indoors, I’m always singing the first 8 to 16 bars before they start, purely off the first few notes, that really shows how invested my headspace is when it comes to music.

Get Down And Boogie

So, for now, I will leave you with some of the sounds I have on the internet for you to listen to, feel free to share with me your opinions and thoughts, I would love to know how you feel about all creative industries.



Thank You for reading;

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