Two Thousand Seventeen – A Thought


” Welcome to 2017! “


So we’ve entered into another New Year, but with said New Year comes with it a whole heap of new goals, targets to achieve and of course fail, it happens to us all, it’s okay. It’ll also mean for many others measuring their life to that of others across social media. However, for me, I’ve found that after two years of resolutions and unsurprisingly meeting none of them, I opted to simply make no new years resolution, instead, I’m just going to roll the dice, I want to see how each day pans out. If I want to jump out of a plane one day I shall (I probably won’t ’cause free falling…), if I feel musically creative, then I’ll make some noise.

A glance at 2016

If last year taught me anything, it’s that I didn’t live my life to the fullest, in fact, I let Depression & Anxiety dictate every aspect of my life. I failed to truly enjoy every moment with Lauren, Family, and friends; I merely existed to be and as a result, let myself become an empty shell. I gave up on hobbies I once enjoyed IT, Design, Music, Photography just to name a few. I let my health and fitness decline whilst still remaining in a healthy category.

What’s next for 2017

Who knows? Unlike many others; I have nothing lined up, no holidays, events etc, my year ahead is a nice blank canvas.

This for me means that this is the year that I want to be present; The year I want to live; The year to make the most of.



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