So You Think You Know Me?

I’ve seen a couple of posts and Youtube videos of people doing facts about them; so I thought I might as well carry the trend on; Never does any harm to know a little more about the person behind the Blog..Right?! That’s what I thought; So here are 25 Facts about me!

1. I’m somewhat a big MASSIVE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan. #Cowabunga

Sticking with the childish theme leads me on to the next factoid

2. LEGO; have been a fan since a kid; I still collect the stuff now! Don’t Judge me.

3. I’m a collector; Vinyl Toys; Vinyl; Trainers; Snapbacks; Limited one off T-Shirts to name a few.

4. Music is essentially my life; it’s everything; from Making to listening.

5. I Produce and remix music.

6. In 2014 I released my first Single (EDM; Mosa1c – Work Hard)

7. I have no favourite colour – which is pretty strange.

8. I briefly learned to play the French Horn in school. Yeah, I’m still that cool.

9.  When I was younger I was very athletic and into pretty much every sport. Couldn’t stop me!

10. I had my foot ran over by a car. twice.. the same car. You may laugh!

11. I’m a creative person.

12. I’m a fan of early mornings; get many more hours!

13. I don’t sound like a Brummie! Bonus! Trust me it really is.

14. I too am not a fan of the Birmingham accent; I dislike it.

15. I’m a really laid-back guy; it’s often confused with being lazy or not caring.

16. I think I’ve seen more Chick Flicks than I care to admit is healthy! Please, future Girlfriend, don’t make me watch another.

17. I have no Tattoos, but I plan to change that and start the inking collection.

18. I really look forward to the day I can start a family.

19. Birthday is 16th September; You may proceed to add that date to your calls.

20. I foolishly allowed myself to get fat, but have shifted most of it!

21. I’ve a good memory when it comes to certain things.

22. I love to be outside; Walking in Forests; Parks.

23. Football was my chosen career path, but injuries prevented that dream.

24. I used to Dance. Breakdance; I’ve got Rhythm! White Men can dance

25. I was a Choir boy back in the day, But I can’t sing now.

There you have it 25 random facts; it’s actually somewhat difficult to think of facts you’re comfortable to share; maybe some other time I’ll share 25 more with you lovely people. Feel free to comment; ask questions; share a fact about you.