Two Thousand Seventeen – A Thought


” Welcome to 2017! “   So we’ve entered into another New Year, but with said New Year comes with it a whole heap of new goals, targets to achieve and of course fail, it happens to us all, it’s okay. It’ll also mean for many others measuring their life to that of others across […]

Why I Stopped Making Music!

Fruity Loops, FL Studio

” I’m guilty of sampling, I do it simply because I grew up listening to Hip-Hop and classic Electronic music“   So, here’s why I stopped making music; Industry, Listeners, Streaming Services they’d all be really good reasons; to some extent, do play a small part; however the main reason for me is simply this, […]



” Naturally, I had to have a Camera; after all, it’s all I cared for. My first Drone was the SYMA X-5c “   There’s no denying, Drones are taking off in popularity; From Toys to Professional rigs. There’s a drone for everyone Kids; Videographers; Enthusiasts are all taking to the skies, stores globally are offering some […]

My Weight Journey Fit-to-Fat-to-Fit

Image Source

”  I’ve seen many tweets and retweets of women embracing their body image and pushing the message “Love Yourself” no matter your size. “   As the title highlights this is a story about one’s fluctuating weight journey, it’s also the title of a TV show (link) aired in the states. I’ve been Thin; Healthy […]

Hey Good looking

i say old chap

After having a bit of a bloggers identity crisis; to which I imagine many other bloggers too have had in their time on the internet. Given how visually driven online audiences are, words are, for some, appear to be of lesser value; emoji’s to sum it up 🔤 😴  ..  📸 😀  (if you hadn’t […]

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