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Online dating or hooking up depending on the tool in which you use to do so and the outcome; either way, it’s a massive No for me! I’ll tell you why shortly, but first I’d go on record and say It can work for some I know of couples it has worked well for but it’s just really not for me.

I recently had a few conversations with a couple of mates, I am now the last remaining single chap in the group (this is a recent change; I was off the market for nearly 5years and been back on for nearly a year). They suggested all be it jokingly (or at least that’s how I’m taking it) that I should or will at some point either online date or “Swipe Left/Right” to which they’ve received  an abrupt No (putting it politely).

I’m somewhat old fashioned for a 26year old bloke; I’m still a fan of the initial spark between two people, the butterflies etc; with the online scene before  you even get to the first date you already know enough about that person to either not continue or you make time for the awkwardness on the first date. For me personally, the whole point of dating is to slowly over time learn enough about the individual and let things flourish and then decide where things are going to go.

The dating game is already difficult as it is with both sexes and their current list of likes/dislikes and false image of what a relationship should be #RelationshipGoals.  I will admit; I think the online world is without a doubt worse for women; every message is either some piss poor chat up line(Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile), a dick pick [to which guys; women care not for a picture; it’s still against the law and it’s called indecent exposure under the Sexual Offences Act 2003] or a bucket load of insults because the guy is butt hurt over the fact that she simply didn’t reply..grow a pair lads.

I’m against online dating sites and the apps readily available; we’re already a very disconnected society. Put the phone down, go for a coffee, a walk, just look up you never know who you might meet.

If you’ve got horror stories or amusing stories regarding Online dating or apps then comment below.


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