My Weight Journey Fit-to-Fat-to-Fit

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”  I’ve seen many tweets and retweets of women embracing their body image and pushing the message “Love Yourself” no matter your size. “


As the title highlights this is a story about one’s fluctuating weight journey, it’s also the title of a TV show (link) aired in the states.

I’ve been Thin; Healthy and even Fat – Although GP’s rather opted for the word Obese and advised practising a “Healthy Lifestyle”. At my thinnest, I was 9 stone at my largest 17 stone 😮 . I myself can actually pinpoint exactly when I started increasing in size; it partners greatly when I was first diagnosed with Depression, although back in 2007 I failed to accept I had this illness. My lifestyle changed I became secluded; consumed more alcohol; junk/fast food and had one crap relationship with sleep. I gave up on any physical activities besides the occasional bike ride for when the indoors became too much. Some years passed by I then landed myself an office job; the less said about that the better; however, the one thing I later learned about that role was how little physical activity you do in such an environment; Given the lack of love for the role I had, I found a new routine; Up, Work, Home, Slump; this was by far an extremely shocking routine to have adopted to which was really no different to the previous routine.

I Hate My Body; Let’s Talk Fat;

Once again I find myself not happy with my body image; which for men is something we don’t discuss; in private I may DO moan about the excess fat gain; which for me sits nicely around my midriff also slightly around the chest. Granted in 12 months I’ve noticed the addition of 3 inches. It really doesn’t sound like a great gain, however, looking through my eyes they’re just two areas I’m no longer accepting of.

Society; Social Media and Stigmas;

Society and Social media are somewhat counter conflicting places to be in and around; Society has set a rather unrealistic image on how men should look; Tall; Muscular; Handsome; Great Job; with no care for substance; The same too is said for Men’s expectations of women. Whilst social media shares/glorifies images. Women of social media get the most respect from me, for many reasons, but this one stands out, they’re super supportive of one another; no matter what; I’ve seen many tweets and retweets of women embracing their body image and pushing the message “Love Yourself” no matter your size. Now, men, we’re raised in such a way by where being supportive in such a fashion or vocal about issues is weak; The other day after seeing a tweet linking to a post by Blogger Arran Brown@haloofthoughts about Male Body Confidence & Image. After some exchanging of tweets amongst a few Male Bloggers it became very clear that I too was not alone in how I feel and perceive my body image; in fact, there are many men out there who also live in silence about such an issue.

Acceptance; I’m not perfect;

I accept that my body builds muscle rather well; which is awesome, but at the same time, for me comes with a negative; the scales increase and as a result means I forget that muscle weighs more than fat! Since I accepted I needed to change and that I have a greater muscle mass; after calculating my fat percentage and my excess overweight fat value in KG. I’ve since lost half a stone; which is a great improvement and a step in the right direction; I will now plan and find an exercise routine that best suits me, whilst keeping me motivated and happy to train. Weight gain/loss is just part of life; it happens as a result of many factors. All I can do is my best and come this time next year I hope to be in better physical and mental health.

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