A few weeks back I travelled down to Kent to spend a week with my girlfriend Lauren; to get a glimpse of the area in which she resides and of course spend some time with her. Prior to the journey, we had discussed things in which we should do; places to visit; so and so forth. For a few months we had discussed on many occasions visiting London; it had been some years since my last visit and I didn’t get to sightsee as much as I did on this occasion.

First, stop; Rochester, Honestly, I quite liked what this town had to offer; many victorian themed buildings; Cathedral a Castle and fantastic Architecture and Structural landmarks notably the Rochester Bridge. However there was one thing I was told in advance to forget about and that is indie coffee shops; I love me some coffee; I’ve never been a fan of the big chains; so I make it a goal of mine to source local indie coffee shops. To my amazement, the first thing I spot is an indie coffee shop! this had me happy, I was already happy but this further elevated such a feeling; so we stopped off at The Deaf Cat Fantastic service, coffee and the environment. I had made one pretty big mistake when I went into Rochester I forgot to bring along my camera; wasn’t the biggest of issues seeing asI had my trusty iPhone 6 in my pocket this would suffice in grabbing a couple of shots whilst I’m taking in the scenery. So below are some of the shots taken in their unedited beauty.





All aboard for the next section of our journey; London! everyone’s favourite UK city; right? This was simply the best and most tiring day of the week for me personally; an hours travel by train; which was fine to start with but the amount of stops it makes was crazy; however it did allow for a glimpse into what different areas are like down south; one noticeable feature that stood out the most were the amounts of High risers/Tower blocks. The area in which I live in Sutton Coldfield (Birmingham) has very few Tower Blocks, in fact, there’s a small estate with Two; so to see so many was different. Post-war and rebuilding London and its surrounding such means of living were needed and went up quickly. Finally, the train made it into London. Was good to get off the rain all be it for about 10 mins or so before venturing to that lovely system that is the Underground; thankfully Lauren knew what she was doing but after the first train it became a fairly quick system to understand; personally for me the train was busy but I was quickly informed that a number of bodies on there were nothing compared to rush hour.

Finally after travelling the different tube lines we finally got to our first destination; Sky Garden; this place is Free! to enter you, of course, have to book online; but once you go through security and very quickly up the lift, you do have to ask yourself how such a beautiful place can be free. After spending some time in the Sky Garden and taking some photos; we then ventured off to explore London; covered some good amount of ground walking; ended up visiting the National History Museum taking in all the exhibitions that were accessible all before rounding off the trip to London and venturing back to Lauren’s to enjoy the rest of the week.








So there you have above are just some of the pictures I’ve decided to share with you for more of them give me a follow on Instagram.

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