Long Distance Relationships

Let’s talk Long distance relationships; everyone has their opinions on this topic; for the most part, it’ll be a no-go; avoid it; it’s hard work; it’s not the same; actually they’re possibly more excuses for you to not do it rather than reasons to actually give it a shot. Personally, I’ve never given much thought to the pros and cons; for me, if you meet someone, you click, you have a great time etc, then there shouldn’t be any reason for you to not give it a go; after all Love knows no bounds.

In August last year, I met someone; this will tie into to another post because if you remember last year I wrote a post about how I wasn’t the biggest fan of Online Dating. In short, I did, in fact, meet someone online but not by means of any online dating platform; It was actually a combination of Instagram and Snapchat; hold off on the rolling of eyes and thinking one slid into DM’s; I don’t operate on such vile methods.

After spending some months talking non-stop and I do mean non-stop; which we still do to this day there hasn’t been a silent day. We decided the time was right to meet up; Lauren travelled all the way up from Chatham to Birmingham; which isn’t the shortest of journeys; I had quickly learnt it involved travelling from Chatham to London and eventually on to Birmingham. I haven’t even included tube/taxi travel; that alone makes for a pretty stressful start to any meet, plus it made me a lot more appreciative of her for wanting to make the journey up north. See for me it’s a whole lot easier; I can get into my car and whiz down the motorway easy peasy. So after her being here for a couple of days I just simply asked her to be one’s Girlfriend; She said yes, I still can’t believe it.

This is where the realness starts. Given the nature of any relationship and the path they take; there are a desire and need for comfort and human interaction we all face, having that special person there when times are hard or if a day had you stressed more than usual; it’s easier to just simply visit them or for them visit you. However when faced with the title of long distance relationship you’ll find yourself host to a number of other obstacles. For the most part, you’ll be missing out on the ease of visiting or being able to do things spontaneously; the distance requires more planning; learning one another schedules and so on.

Here’s what they don’t tell you about Distance relationships; they ultimately teach you to trust like you’ve never trusted before; you have none of the “I think I saw x out last night doing x y z” or any other rumours and gossip; You learn to appreciate every single second you have with that person; including the time it takes from shower to final application perfume to finish the whole look; They ultimately give you the feeling of that first time encounter every time you meet up. A distance relationship will teach you more about yourself than any conventional relationship can; that isn’t to say you don’t learn about yourself in normal circumstance; just with the distance, you’re thrown a curve ball and have to react quickly.

Not all distance relationships are bad; they’re pretty much like your conventional relationship; you do little things to make one another happy; little gifts, messages etc; they’ll also have ups and downs; problems and so on. It’s all about taking the good, bad and the ugly and making it all work for wanting to be with the person who ultimately makes you the happiest you’ve been.

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