Log Off (are you sure?) 

I have found myself logging off, completely disconnecting from “social” media. Not because I hate it; well. No; because I dislike it at times. We or better said, some of us rely so heavily on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat etc; which can be a pro for the likes of Businesses and creative folk; in terms of teaching a wider audience #Teamonline.

For me as I’m sure many others feel that the time has to come by where you simply go offline; stop tweeting, pick up your phone and make a call; I’m sure we’ve all had that moment when we forget how a friend’s voice sounds?! Just me?! Pick up your car keys and go see a friend unexpectedly, many of my friends don’t and I’m guilty of such crimes too.

Everyone online is competing for the same 140 characters of attention or a set number of likes on a superficial image portrayed. These platforms are great to look back on as a digital archive in our later years but let’s not all get lost and caught up trying to please everyone; if you hadn’t already been informed, we can’t make everyone happy; so go make yourself happy and those selected special few. Create memories and feelings, not a set number of likes, fav’s or retweets.

* It’s a choice; yours; just felt the SquarePants guy held more water in his authoritative approach; not sorry for the pun.* 

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I say Old Chap