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” Time for some honesty hands up who’s failed at some point in their life?! “



At some point in our lives, we have all failed at something, we’re probably going to even fail again multiple times over. Be it Career, Diet, Relationships the list is endless, but the one thing failing teaches us or should is to Try Again but Differently.

We’re now four days into the new year (yes, four, I know!), there’s already a vast assortment of Goal posts, all of which are really inspiring, it’s great to see so many people wanting to embrace happiness, healthiness, travel more and do more, for me I posted about just being present and enjoying every day more. But I can’t help but think that in some respects I’ve already started to fail.

Since the calendar hit 1st Jan 2017, I’ve been feeling Lost and Empty, my mood has been a little low, January blues? I think not, in fact, the root cause is simply, FoMO the Fear of Missing Out this for me does not play into social media, rather the opposite, personally it’s the mental state of imagining situations differently, how I invest or have invested my time.

However I’m 28 (29 this year 😱) and if I were to measure myself against societies expectations, I should have a fantastic yearly salary, own my home, wife, kids; all the things Adults do. My situation is so far from those expectations! after a redundancy, Health problems, Losing a second job and giving up on hobbies; is it any wonder that FoMO is currently an issue for me accompanied with Depression & Anxiety.


I get that everything happens for people at different times in their life, I should as stated in my last post; be present and enjoy each day; however the logical part of my brain is beating me internally with expectations I should be meeting, so to be a good adult. In short, with societies expectations and of course my super high expectations for myself, I can’t help but feel that previous years, career choices has seen me fail; with the future unknown I too also feel that to date I’m failing my future self by not knowing what I should be doing.



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