The Re Birth

It’s been an eventful life altering 9 months; In fact, they’ve were needed, which in turn has led to my ReBirth as it were. After months of readdressing oneself and readjusting to situations, I finally got to where I am today.

I have been working hard on changing my image; Physically and of course musically. So I’ll start with the most important…

Fitness training – I started a few years back, but like some, I never kept up with it; I made a start on the Insanity programme and completed; upon that completion, I fell back into the old routine (you know the one; Pizza etc). It wasn’t until the end of April last year that I gave myself the proverbial kick up the rear and got it into gear. I threw myself straight into HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) in the form of the odd insanity session and throwing in the follow-up DVD; Shaun T’s FocusT25 I was 16 stone; this was an unhealthy weight to be; My aim was to reduce body fat and be all round healthier.


The image on the left is me at 16stone and was increasing in weight, taken October 2013; On the right me at 13 stone, 5 months into training September last year, and this is me Now.


[I must add I shaved at the start of October, Instantly regretted it and started afresh in November.]

I have come to learn that the scales lie, after countless hours reading and getting to grips with muscle and fat; I now ignore what the scales say in terms of how heavy I am. I recently purchased somebody analysing scales these show your BMI (body mass index) the amount of water you’re retaining and fat percentage.

I’ve spoken enough about health for now; I’ll put together another post solely for that purpose.

Music/Production – I used the last 9 months to also tackle my own solo material and projects for artists alongside remixes. This allowed me to discover new techniques and software and really home in on my sound and developing that. I had worked out that my unused and incomplete projects over a 6 year period would amount to about 16.5 albums. I’ve now started going through and organising them to either complete for myself or others. I will also be focusing efforts on my record label Joyful Records.

This year has seen me start a two-part project titled #Prism with an artist in the states Sir Magnus this will see a version released on his album in the States and a version here in the UK. We are working closely on a deadline for the US release due to his album. As to yet, there is no date in the pipeline for the UK version; however I have designed the promo artwork for this version.


I am also working on a new solo track; My Baby (love) which you can here a sample HERE Upon completion I will seek to release it.

[Promo Artwork]


For the rest of 2015 I will be looking to further develop my sound, whilst still working on other people’s projects and of course creating remixes and dubs for people to download and enjoy.

I have also recently launched a YouTube channel as to yet I haven’t decided as to the direction I will take that, it will, for now, be a home for new music I create. It currently has my first single released last year Work Hard; which you can download via the usual stores; links are in the video description

I am planning to put together a couple of EP’s this year to give back to those who follow and support my music and to even bring in new fans. I will, of course, keep you informed as to those developments via this blog and my social network outlets.

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