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It so happened that for Christmas, I received a new backpack from my sister, upon tearing the wrapping paper there it was, the Nike Cheyenne 3.0 Night Maroon. I’m very much so a guy who loves backpacks, they’re stylish, comfortable and not to mention extremely practical! In my time of needing/wanting backpacks I recall ever owning three; Cheyenne included. For many years, drawstring bags (Gym bags, Jd Sports bag) were ideal for the little I took to school/college. However, as I’ve grown up and found myself carrying extra items around with me. The items in the bag over the years have changed, from school/college equipment, games consoles and it’s accessories to present day items; it’s about those items I wish to share with you.


Setup - I Say Old Chap

Go Go Gadget(s)

I like to think my setup is somewhat minimal; eight items hardly sounds minimal, although given the mass amount of other equipment photographers carry around, eight is pretty minimal. Two of the main items in my bag has to be, firstly, A camera, in this bag there’s three; four if you include the one attached to the iPad; My camera of choice happens to be the Sony A5000.

Portable Setup - I Say Old Chap

The Sony A5000; is a fantastic camera, versatile, fantastic sensor, light-weight, you even have the option to change lenses; giving you the functionality of a DSLR without the hefty price tag and a fraction of the size. The a5000 also appears to be a new favourite across the blogging/vlogging sphere.

My second go to camera in the bag is the SonyDSC-H200, this is a bridged camera, packs the body of a DSLR, no interchangeable lenses; however the lens on the body packs a 26x optical zoom. I mainly use this camera for macro shots and it’s ability to take good shots of the moon, see for yourself on Flickr

Sony DSC-H200

Specs ‘n’ Stuff

Now to the part of the post you’ve been waiting for; a list of the goodies in my bag partnered with some specifications.

Macbook Pro (2012) – 1TB HDD, 8GB Ram

iPad 2 – 16GB

Sony A5000  – 16-50mm lens


Vivitar DVR 794HD

Waterproof Case Vivitar + Wireless Remote

Bluetooth wireless remote

Selfie Stick (not for selfies)

One item not in the bag but always on me is the Samsung S7; it’s my daily driver, however, I find that for on the go photography when I’m without my bag, the S7 packs a lot of power, I’ve never given it the time of day until recently. It shoots in RAW, saves to SD card; if shooting video then I can utilise the 4k capability it has. In fact, the photos taken for this post were using the Pro mode (manual) within the default Camera app and edited using Snapseed.





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