For The Love Of Music

Music, we all love it; life without it would simply suck! It’s the simplest form of expression; when the sun is shining I go for a collection of Reggae classics. However, I’ve found myself falling out of love with how I consume and interact with music in the modern world.

I have found myself reverting back to the Analogue mediums (Cassette’s; Vinyl); from a producers point; I love the warmth muddy sound upon the final mix-down. It’s a sound that can never be truly recreated digitally; Sure you can add crackle’s to the track or tape effects, trust me I’ve a sample pack full of those sounds. I’ve always been a Vinyl and Cassette guy; I do have CD’s as well as MiniDiscs. Growing up in a musical home there was never any shortage of Vinyl Records or Cassettes. I even recall at Christmas receiving Blank Cassettes; cause the art form back then of taping the Top40 chart existed that and the physical media cost more than my weekly pocket money.

With modern methods; Spotify/YouTube to name just two; It’s lost the joys of the rewind/fast-forward feature; the picking up the cartridge (needle) and moving to the next track in the groove. Music is now far too instantaneous; which is why I feel there’s been a decline in why Artist’s/Band’s don’t make money from sales of their material; modern music fans prefer singles over an album. The demand for the next fresh song is far too high; I do think it’s for this reason Bands and Artists don’t appear to be around for too long.

I am not by any means ruling out modern mediums of streaming music; it’s great for when I’m driving; running or simply to use as background whilst writing or cleaning. When I simply feel like chilling out and wanting to simply feel and connect with the music I revert to the old methods.

Music is more than just noise; it’s the creation of sound; lyrics;  emotions; time; passion and love; Take the time to just listen, rewind to hear your favourite 16 bars.

*Featured image used; was taken by me.

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