” Naturally, I had to have a Camera; after all, it’s all I cared for.

My first Drone was the SYMA X-5c 


There’s no denying, Drones are taking off in popularity; From Toys to Professional rigs. There’s a drone for everyone Kids; Videographers; Enthusiasts are all taking to the skies, stores globally are offering some form of Drone; to which there’s no shortage of micro; mid-sized and even those sporting a larger size and hefty price tag.

Take me to the Moon;

I’ve had an admiration for radio controlled planes/helicopters for some years; I personally had only owned a toy helicopter; it was small but rather entertaining a great introduction into radio controlled flight. As soon as I caught a glimpse of the first DJI Phantom 1 Drone, I knew I had to have one, sadly given the price tag I simply just couldn’t afford to. Every year there appears to be a new drone released; Better camera; Longer battery life; Smaller – practicality appears to be the trend this year; I also imagine it will be well into the future too.

Money, Take my Money, Affordable Drone market;

Fuelled by a desire to own a drone and taking to the skies myself for some glorious aerial shots (mainly crash footage); I set off in search for an acceptably priced drone. I succeeded after perusing eBay; cheap Drones galore!. SYMA – a Toy company that specialise in Model Aircraft. eBay was and is populated with a multitude of different drones; I had to decide between a camera, FPV Camera or Camera free. Naturally, I had to have a Camera; after all, it’s all I cared for. My first Drone was the SYMA X-5c; This budget device allowed me to test the waters and most importantly get airborne. I do have to stress this is advertised as a TOY; it’s a lightweight Drone, with a low-resolution camera – a whopping 2 megapixel, not forgetting the fact that it’s only got 5 to 7 minutes of flight in the battery. However, with that being said it’s certainly a lot of fun.

Will The Next Drone Please Stand Up;

I found myself on the SYMA website, after all, Christmas is around the corner and we all like to produce a Christmas list to send off to Santa 🎅🏼. To my surprise, they had released a whole new array of drones; the updates were out, so naturally off to eBay I went. Lo and behold, the all new refreshed models were up and ready to buy; from £25 – £100; 2 – 8-megapixel cameras, the choice is all yours. Personally, I would like to get my hands on all and give them a try.


The reason I opted for the X5HW was simply down to the fact it had an FPV camera that allowed me to wirelessly access it via my smartphone; I was already used to the X5c so it was a natural progression, the price tag fitted nicely into my budget too. Now granted the camera isn’t the world’s best if your plan is to include the footage in a Vlog, but being able to see over the rooftops and in the distance whilst not forgetting it’s a Toy Drone, it’s certainly acceptable – Just respect people’s privacy. Before I forget and fail to mention; a multitude of SYMA drones can perform 360° aerial rolls!




Syma X5HW Overlook:

Flight Time : 5 to 7 minutes
Camera : WiFi FPV 2MP photo / 1MP video
Battery Type : 3.7V 600mAh Lipo Battery
Range : 30 to 50 meters
Remote : 2.4 GHz Frequency
Gyro : 6 Axis
Features : Headless Mode and Altitude Holder also known as Barometer Set Height






If you’re on the market for an introduction Drone be it for yourself; Partner; Kids – After all Christmas is only 52 Days away then SYMA is certainly a brand in which I would suggest looking at.




Thank You for reading;

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