Inside My Backpack

It so happened that for Christmas, I received a new backpack from my sister, upon tearing the wrapping paper there it was, the Nike Cheyenne 3.0 Night Maroon. I’m very much so a guy who loves backpacks, they’re stylish, comfortable and not to mention extremely practical! In my time of needing/wanting backpacks I recall ever […]



” Naturally, I had to have a Camera; after all, it’s all I cared for. My first Drone was the SYMA X-5c “   There’s no denying, Drones are taking off in popularity; From Toys to Professional rigs. There’s a drone for everyone Kids; Videographers; Enthusiasts are all taking to the skies, stores globally are offering some […]

Hey Good looking

i say old chap

After having a bit of a bloggers identity crisis; to which I imagine many other bloggers too have had in their time on the internet. Given how visually driven online audiences are, words are, for some, appear to be of lesser value; emoji’s to sum it up 🔤 😴  ..  📸 😀  (if you hadn’t […]

Android Switch

Firstly let me start off by simply saying that for the most part, I’m an  apple fan ; have been for many years; likely to still be in ten years time. However, something unusual happened which has shocked many I know. I’ve loved the iPhone since it first launched but it wasn’t until the iPhone […]