Why I Stopped Making Music!

Fruity Loops, FL Studio

” I’m guilty of sampling, I do it simply because I grew up listening to Hip-Hop and classic Electronic music“   So, here’s why I stopped making music; Industry, Listeners, Streaming Services they’d all be really good reasons; to some extent, do play a small part; however the main reason for me is simply this, […]

Me Time – Tag

So I found this Me Time Tag via the awesome blog by my good pal That Gent Mark. As I’ve found myself short on posts recently; I felt it be fun to shine a little light on what I do when I’m all by myself. 1. What do you do during me-time? Well this really […]

For The Love Of Music

Music, we all love it; life without it would simply suck! It’s the simplest form of expression; when the sun is shining I go for a collection of Reggae classics. However, I’ve found myself falling out of love with how I consume and interact with music in the modern world. I have found myself reverting […]

A Producers Confession

For those of you who do not know this; I make music albeit sparingly; this has been my nature for some number of years in fact; I do sadly have what calculates to roughly over 12 albums worth of unfinished and unpublished material; I know this to be bad and I’ve been meaning to address […]

Dark Sky Paradise

It is extremely rare that I make time to sit and listen to an artists album from start to end; I feel some of the best work has already been released as singles. However; Big Sean’s new album, Dark Sky Paradise was a refreshing break from that routine. Although some tracks had already been released as […]