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After having a bit of a bloggers identity crisis; to which I imagine many other bloggers too have had in their time on the internet. Given how visually driven online audiences are, words are, for some, appear to be of lesser value; emoji’s to sum it up 🔤 😴  ..  📸 😀  (if you hadn’t already guessed; I suck with emoji’s). I decided that I had one of two options; retire ISOC or Rebrand; Given the nature of this post, I opted for a whole new look and colour scheme.

As a result of the new lease of life injected into this Blog, I now not only know my brand identity but I feel as a result of this much-needed, long overdue refresh that others in/around and out of the blogging community will also see my logo and make the connection. With all that being said I now have the excitement I once had when I purchased my domain, self-hosted my blog and went live.


I will not fall into the trap of making any promises, however keeping that in mind, I will do my best to keep content fresh; exciting; whilst finding a routine and rhythm that works well with me and also with You the awesome reader.



Thank You for reading;

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I say Old Chap