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I have an announcement to make, it is one I do not make lightly; one that I have been giving some serious thought towards for some time now. Like many other bloggers out there as per tweets, I’ve seen regarding their longevity in the blogosphere, I too find myself (again) at this questioning stage.

I’ve decided that the time has come, for now at least, to call time on I Say Old Chap; My reasoning for doing so is purely down to prioritising my Mental & Physical health. It’s certainly no secret that I have been struggling for some time with my mental health, much of which is documented on social media and of course this blog. However, four months into the new year I’ve found myself struggling more to keep up appearances, it’s both physically and mentally draining!

As I aforementioned my physical health needs also addressing, I used to be fat, worked a very sedentary role which bled massively into my private life. 2014 saw me start to take my weight and lifestyle choices seriously. I made some pretty damn good progress, I shifted many stones in weight, gained muscle mass, clothes fit nicely! Sadly fast forwarding to 2017, I’ve gained a couple of stone and clothes are now starting to not fit as I want them to. So the time again has come for me to tackle the excess body fat gained over the winter and of course comfort eating due to my brains bad days, Ben and Jerry’s has been a good comforter as of late.

Unfortunately, I’m no longer happy with myself and the regression I’ve made. As a result of my regression, this blog and some of my creative outlets have suffered due to lack of inspiration, motivation.  I truly believe that until I’ve started to better myself, I won’t be able to create the content I wish to create for your enjoyment.

With my time off from the blog, whilst focusing on Mental & Physical health I will also be making improvements to further better and develop my career for the future, this will see me take on some Development courses. I shall also be bettering myself within Photography, My previous qualification was a great tool for understanding but the time has come to put it into action!

If/where possible I will do my best to try to of course document my progress in some form be it Photos, Video, Written words as personally it will be great to see any and all progression made both Physically & mentally.

So there you have it, Guys & Girls, Thank you for understanding and following the blog thus far, I hope you will continue to follow my blog & social media outlets for future updates/return. I will still be keeping my current posts available for you all to read, like, comment, share, (the usuals) via links at the top of the page “Lifestyle, Technology, Music”.





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