Android Switch

Firstly let me start off by simply saying that for the most part, I’m an  apple fan ; have been for many years; likely to still be in ten years time. However, something unusual happened which has shocked many I know. I’ve loved the iPhone since it first launched but it wasn’t until the iPhone 4 that I purchased one. Ever since then I’ve had nearly every version excluding the 4s, 5c, 6s and the most recent use. I opted to buy the Samsung S7 (in rose gold of course) and the Gear VR.

The reason for the switch was pretty simple; I required the option for additional storage, the default 32gb is great and the optional 200gb upgrade via micro SD card! 4k video recording; I know the 6s has this capability. Since I’ve been doing more photography with my Sony a5000 having to stop shooting to export from the SD card to Mac takes some time; the time that can now be shortened with NFC being built into the camera and the Samsung S7 allowing for instant sharing and to be stored in the cloud! Plus there was a buck load of other freebies; Samsung VR; 2years 100gb One drive storage.

Unfortunately, for me, Apple doesn’t offer the best value for money anymore; it’s been an unhappy relationship with the iPhone 6; screen cracked in multiple places, which only one cracking was as a result of the device falling to the floor; device bent in one’s pocket; the ridiculous upfront costs for additional storage models; also iOS 10 of which I have the beta to; hasn’t at all got me excited, in fact, I’ve noticed a fair few features to which are noticeable already within Androids system. iOS 10 for me personally, feels like the rainbow puke filter on Snapchat; a bunch of gimmicks.

I’ve had the S7 now for a couple of weeks and I can say I’ve enjoyed the device and operating system more than I thought I ever would. I was half expecting to return the phone and upgrade to the iPhone 6s. The usability with Samsungs TouchWiz launcher has been easy; migration from my iPhone to Samsung was made easier by the supplied USB adapter to directly connect my iPhone. As a user of Google Drive; Docs; Gmail; Photos; I was able to instantly download my favourite photos stored from a backup.

Gear VR

I’m yet to really be able to give any form of review on the device; I’ve had some small playtime with the VR headset; downloaded a few free apps such as Jurrasic Park; Netflix; Marvell’s Iron Man; however those apps are fun for exploring the possibilities of such an environment have been enjoyable. Personally, for me, the 360 videos from YouTubers has been much more entertaining and I would love to see more content; if and when 360 cameras drop in price I shall purchase one and make some content myself.

Final Thoughts

I shall follow up to this post in a few months time to see how I’ve adapted further to the Android system; I will also incorporate a ‘what’s on my phone’ as I’m sure there will be some changes as to my everyday apps etc.

If you’re within the Android ecosystem, comment below with your favourite Launchers; Locks; Keyboards; Apps; I would love to see what others are out there and worthy of trying.



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