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Hello, My name is Phil, Lifestyle Blogger, a Designer, Photographer, Producer, and I am the guy behind this blog!

I’m originally from a small town called Sutton Coldfield (The Royal Town), However, I now reside in the South East of England, Kent. I can often be found Designing Websites/Graphics, Taking Photos of all that capture my eye and once in a blue moon, Remix/Produce music.

The sole purpose of this space on the internet is to simply share my musings, Blogging isn’t something new to me, I like many others, too had a Tumblr page, however, my blogging roots go deeper than that. In 2006, had built my own blogging platform to partner my studying as a Media Student. Its purpose was to share my media, graphic, web design projects and of course, it became a home for life’s troubles.

I Say Old Chap was born off the back of being made redundant, during a spell of unemployment partnered with Mental Health problems, I felt I needed to keep my Design, Development, IT skills and of course my head space in tip top shape. Creating a blog allowed me to not only share my thoughts/opinions it also gave me a sense of purpose, which ultimately saw me hone in on lost and forgotten skills, Photography, Filming as well as rekindling my fondness for Design.



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