A Producers Confession

For those of you who do not know this; I make music albeit sparingly; this has been my nature for some number of years in fact; I do sadly have what calculates to roughly over 12 albums worth of unfinished and unpublished material; I know this to be bad and I’ve been meaning to address this issue, but like my material it doesn’t progress.

Last year I took the leap into releasing my first single after my Best friend encouraged me to do so; I was reminded that I didn’t have much to loose. I do after all own my own record label so after the initial low cost to pay out, all I had to do was promote; sit back and wait for the profits to come in; or lack of. At first, I was disheartened by the slowness of sales and streams, then something strange happened; I made a few sales; YES! then I started getting Spotify data in; I was reaching countries I never thought I would; unfortunately to make good money on that streaming service you need a lot of plays and I do mean a lot!.

You can check out Work Hard below


Alternatively, you can freely check out some material of mine over on my Soundcloud profile soundcloud.com/mosa1c

Fast forward to this year the glorious 2015 and I find myself at the same spot I was a couple of years ago. I’m not enjoying making music; in fact; I’ve made literally nothing, well… I’ve made stuff but no more than 8 to 16 bar loop ideas. I just can’t seem to find the right source of inspiration or the original reason it was that I fell in love with making music all those years ago.

I find myself almost ready to give up entirely on producing music and put to bed something that I’ve always turned to; the one consistent dream and hobby that I always wanted to succeed

If you’ve found yourself in this situation let me know in the comments below; maybe you’ve some tips to overcome this feeling.

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