Re-Discovery – I Want To Be Free

It’s rather embarrassing to even admit this to myself, let alone actually putting it into words for you and others to read. You see the truth is I’ve lost sight of who I am, all the things that define me. It’s certainly no secret that I suffer from Depression and Anxiety, well part of that’s […]

Suicide; I Almost Did

Black Dog; A visual representation on Depression & Anxiety   It may come to you as a shock but I did come very close to committing Suicide; in fact, I went as far as planning how I would go about completing said action; thankfully I didn’t allow for it to happen. My darkest moment didn’t come […]

Acceptance & Recovery Part 2

This post has been written and re-written in notes, my mind, for the past two months or so, a post that really opens myself up. I feel it’s something that needs to be expressed; freed from one’s mind, something that others may want/need to think about in their life. I guess this is possibly the […]

Inside My Backpack

It so happened that for Christmas, I received a new backpack from my sister, upon tearing the wrapping paper there it was, the Nike Cheyenne 3.0 Night Maroon. I’m very much so a guy who loves backpacks, they’re stylish, comfortable and not to mention extremely practical! In my time of needing/wanting backpacks I recall ever […]

Let’s Talk Failures – FoMO

Sutton Park Spring

” Time for some honesty hands up who’s failed at some point in their life?! “     At some point in our lives, we have all failed at something, we’re probably going to even fail again multiple times over. Be it Career, Diet, Relationships the list is endless, but the one thing failing teaches […]